Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 18: Drop the bag, NOW!

Few sights in Taiwan really bother me. Like REALLY bother me. I try my best to ignore them, but no, I still get very perplexed. The deal is that every day, I see so many Taiwanese men carrying their girlfriend's bags around. Like, so MANY! Every five minutes, I see a man walking around with a bimbo bag in one arm, and a woman in the other. It's not like I don't see it in India, but it's kinda rare. Here, the rare part is NOT seeing a guy carry his girlfriend's bag.

So, I asked my Taiwanese flatmate what EXACTLY is the chakkar. Is it like some cultural thing? He said, "No. They carry it when the girl's bag is too heavy."

I am sorry dude, but look at the pictures. You THINK that bag is heavy? A child can carry it!

Another Taiwanese friend said that it's their way of showing affection.

Affection? Like really!? By carrying her bag? C'mon dude. Be a MAN! Take her out to a movie, make her something, write her a letter, surprise her with flowers, cook for her, learn some new tricks to wow her in bed, aur kuch nahi to just BUY HER A FREAKING DIAMOND!! But why carry her bag? I know it's easier, simpler, (cheaper) etc. But don't take the easy route! C'mon, be a man!

PS: For those you cannot understand my obsession with this issue, do read:


mumbai2atlanta said...

as soon as i started readin this i was gonna leave a post about the poor guy in the movie theatre u called out in mumbai for carrying the u see ..its a global phenomenon...

btw I hope the girls show their "affection" to the guys too :P for doing this...You know what I mean ;)

Sophia said...

yes some men here think that it's a way to show thoughtful of women.
not for only girlfriend also for their mom.
but I would like to carry my bag with me regardless of they insist
anyway, I'm glad that u don't think we girls here r lasy :p

Vicks said...

@Mum2Atlanta: I am so sure they do dude. Or else you think they would STILL be carrying the bags!? Soch jara.

@Sophia: Atta girl!

sonali said...

This is crazy man. They should at least design the bags to have a unisexual look. These are women's purses and bags that men carry. Aarrgh!

And like Sophia says, I would want to carry my bag myself.

Vicks said...

@Son: BTW, even the unisex varieties are a rage here. Loads of guys carry them. But that, I guess, is okay, considering the fact that the country is exremely fashion savvy. And you THINK these guys are making any effort to 'camouflage' their intentions? :P