Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 9: Trashy music, LITERALLY!

Every morning, I hear a music, quite loud and VERY irritating, more like someone's annoying reverse gear tone. The one that you hear and wish the guy should be banned from taking his car in reverse , no matter WHAT the reason. The music comes from a yellow-coloured truck, and people come running out of their houses with garbage bins. Yup, it is the garbage truck, and that music is more like a holler to residents ki aao ji, kachra do ji types. But the music is so FUCKING annoying!!! And it keeps playing!

The quirky part here being that until a few years back, the truck played rudimentary English lessons. Like 'How are you' in English and then in Taiwanese, and so on, so that people could learn English on the go while getting rid of the garbage. However, people protested and said they want music. So, well, they got music. At least they think it's music. Sigh.

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