Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 10: Look, man with STUBBLE!

Most Taiwanese men don't have facial hair. Or maybe they do have a few strands here and there, but anyway, that hardly counts. Which is why, MY stubble increases my firang quotient out here. Haa!

Instance 1:
An old man comes to me, puts his hand on my face (for about a nanosecond), nods in approval, smiles, rubs his chin and says something. I look towards the interpreter girl for help. Girl blushes and replies, "He says,very sexy!" *girl blushes some some*

Instance 2: Convo with a taxi driver
Driver: IRAN!
Me: Huh?
Driver: *points at my stubble*: IRAN!
Me: NO.
Driver: No?
Me: NO.
Driver: Hmm. (five seconds later, he again points at my stubble) IRAQ!
Me: NO.
Driver: NOO??? Then?
Me: America.
Driver: *rubs his own non-existant stubble* AMERICA?
Me: Yes.
Driver: Ohhhhhhhh.

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mumbai2atlanta said...

stubble?!! dude you had a pakka daadi when we used to meet