Wednesday, October 7, 2009


If I am bored, and I have 15 minutes to spare, THIS is what happenes…

me: dude...
kaisa hai?
P-man: thik thak you say
im afk most of the time
me: nm yaar...hadnt heard from u since long
P-man: yup, dont come on gmail much
you say hows life?>
me: good... too many dhamakas happening of late
so kind of .... well.. interesting
P-man: what dhamakas man?
you get married or something?
me: actually... i got engaged
P-man: thats what i thoughty
whos the girl?
me: meenakshi
P-man: hmm.. i dont know her..never herd wbout her from you
me: dad's frnd's daughter
very rich
P-man: sweet, so you inherent a lot of stuff eh?
me: precisely
P-man: nice, know her long?
me: naah... arranged stuff
P-man: hmm..didnt think you'd go for long ago?
me: met her a few tmes.. will get married by next jan i guess
P-man: congrats dude...sorry i was speachless
me: haha... chill
at least i wont have to continue with this gruelling job any more
for the first month at least... europe honeymoon being planed apparantly
P-man: sweet whose funding?
me: of course her dads
P-man: fuck man....
me: of what i last heard... it's his wedding gift
P-man: dude seriously..
so what you gonna do for work?
me: join them
what else
P-man: man you just got promoted
me: not promoted.. reborn rather
P-man: ok, ebnough about all getting worried gonna have to buy a big gift for you..a car or something
me: hehe....relax...
will have enough of all that
P-man: im giving you a book
about getting lucky
me: hahaha
yea... that she is hot is only a bonus
P-man: yeah i was gonna ask about that
me: arre..super hot
remind me later...will send her pic
P-man: sure, and give me her email or facebook or something so i can talk to her
so you just hit the jackpot
me: she isnt on FB re
well u can say that
rich in money... hot in bed.. aur kya chahiye
P-man: hot in bed???
wahaan tak baat gayi ke bhaya?
me: wel....a bit... u can say
P-man: nice..when did yo uguys meet up first?
me: c'mon.. we are engaged man..
itna to chalta hai
P-man: oh yeah i forgot
me: april..
P-man: that was quick
me: oh ...tell me about it
P-man: weel i feel great for u
congrats again
me: thanks
P-man: im calling you soon
ok, and whened you get engaged..sorry im all muddled here
me: told u naa...two weeks
P-man: and you are telling me this ...NOW?
me: well....tu abhi dikha online...
to bola

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