Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Diwali, indeed

Tried my level best to get out of it. Actually, every year, I try my ‘best’ to get out it, but it just doesn’t work. The Diwali ki Safai is what took up all my Sunday. Dust was out, frustration was in!

Anyway, after ages, I happened to clean my drawer. It’s quite small actually, but the AMOUNT of stuff shoved into it is mind-boggling. I have always been a hoarder. It’s very difficult for me to throw away stuff, kind of supplementing my stubborn attitude. But surprisingly, this Diwali, it was different. I was amazed as to how easily I was able to throw away most things. Does it hint towards a change, somewhere within? I guess so.

I threw away most things. Mostly articles, so MANY of them, copies of which I had saved over the years. But there were things I didn’t throw. Things that went back in my drawer, things that reminded me of my priorities, stuff which I value over all else.

Here’s what went back in:
A card that Radhika and Kareena made for me on my 21st birthday. Inside, on two pages, there are personalised letters written by both of them. Read it again, and yup, it made me very happy, as if I was reading it for the first time.

In college, for our subject Understanding Cinema, we were put up in pairs. I was with my friend Aarti. The project was quite an experience. I still remember how we made Aditya (who's in the movie) run N number of times to catch the train at Lower Parel.

One of my best articles ever! I have had better-written articles which have generated far better feedback. But this one was special. Because this article encouraged a friend's father to get into modelling. (FYI, the article is about senior citizens who model)

A motivational poem given by my first boss. Till date, during tough times, I read it. The difference being that now, I Google it and read. This is the original copy, given by him. (FYI: the poem is called The Race by Delbert H. Groberg)

Ahem. As I said. I was a hoarder. And THIS is my dear mom's artwork. To collect everything and put it in anything! Can you imagine? Three sharpeners! Five erasers! Damn! And just few days back, I had got myself a pair of sharpener and eraser.

Farhana, my colleague from DNA got this in a press release. And she well knew what a Bollywood freak I am. And so, she gave it to me. :)
There were many other things. Some of which, are too personal to be put up. But thanks to this mundane safai task, I literally visited the past, the years gone by. Junked most of it, for good, and retained whatever is important, whatever matters. More importantly, now, I KNOW what matters!
Happy Diwali.

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