Friday, September 25, 2009


We share a love-hate relationship with our canteen. We love it becasue it serves subsidised food (to speak of small favours in days of pay cuts), but food, at times, (ok most of the times) is very average. But today, ladies and gentlemen, we had free food (free GOOD food) and yes, the wedding-like decorations really helped pep up some spirits after the morning meeting. Seems kiddish? Maybe. But it's these small things that make work a little less boring.

Welcome, welcome...
My favourite model, Mitali Parekh, always ALWAYS happy to pose for the shutterbug, unlike other boring lot who give me are-you-mad looks

No. It's not a reception. It's apna canteen!

Hmm hmmmmm. Sweet distribution

Hope you had a good time. Come again next year (if you are still around....that is)

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