Thursday, July 2, 2009

Child abuse, kind of

So here’s another one from the trip. A mother-daughter conversation (family: bottom right in picture) overheard in the toy train from Kalka to Shimla.

Mom (to daughter): Here. Read Hello! magazine. You haven’t read this month’s issue.
Daughter: *shows disinterest*
Mom: No laziness. Read.
Daughter: *reluctantly reads*

(After the reading is done)

Mom: So tell me. When did Yash and Avanti meet?
Daughter: *answers*
Mom: Tell me something about their home.
Daughter: *answers*

(The tutorial goes on for long. After some time, the girl asked her brother for her pair of sunglasses. Her mistake – she asked in Hindi)

Mom: NO! Ask in English
Daughter: OKK!! Give me my glasses.
Mom: NO! Say, ‘Give me my SUNGLASSES!’
Daughter: *sigh* Give me my sunglasses.



Ipurple said...
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Anonymous said...

Good one...

Kareena said...


That mom should be #&%$&%^#$%...I really don't believe that after sending your kids to how to make shabby craft/how to fold napkins/how to preen with lipstick on/how to imitate Miley Cyrus, they want to make their kids 'learn' how Yash n Avanti Birla spend their lives!?

It's disgusting.

Priyanko Sarkar said...

aaahh.. you remembered this one then :)

Sonali Shah said...

shuck, this is total torture.