Sunday, June 28, 2009


Look at this packet carefully, very carefully. Does it strike a bell? Remember Uncle Chips? Coming from the pre-Lays era, it’s what most of us grew up on. But then, Lays happened and its spunky advertising took us away from good old Uncle Chips. But even after all these years, perhaps the war isn’t over. Found this packet on a recent trip. Strikingly similar, but not quite the Uncle Chips I knew of.

The fine print says, “From the makers of LAYS”
It’s chipPs, and not chips!

Seems like an attempt to trap nostalgic and unwary Uncle Chips lovers.


Aditya Kandala said...

this is the same Uncle Chipps. It was always Chipps and not Chips. However, Lays bought over Amit Agro which owned Uncle and relaunched it later...

Aarti said...

thank you kandala, i was waiting for somebody else to point that out!
research, hotwani, research :P

Vicks said...

@ Adi: Thanks.

@Aarti: You were 'waiting' for someone to point that out huh? Initiative, narang. Where's the initiative?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Uncle Chipps are readily available? I've checked a lot of stores and supermarkets but they are nowhere to be found...

Kindly reply if you an answer


An ardent fan