Monday, May 25, 2009


What the Fuck!!?? You haven’t read Watsa!!!!!!
This was precisely my reaction when someone who I had met for the first time over a drink told me that he has never read Watsa! Yes, I mean it. That’s exactly what he said. “I HAVE NEVER READ WATSA!” But seeing the fury in my eyes, he relented, “Ok. Maybe once!”

Point being, everyone has read Watsa. Recently, I even discovered a Facebook group dedicated to Watsa Questions. The members are a bunch of firangs who laugh and poke fun at the updated list of questions. And sometimes, in the process, the fun-poking session even gets racist and comments are passed on how miserably uneducated (from sexual context) a country we are. Looking at the FB group was amusing, and infuriating, at the same time.

As one of my colleague said, “Hmmm…well….yes…they are right….BUT HOW DARE THEY SAY IT!”

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Chets said...

Directs himself and joins the Dr Watsa Facebook page.