Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We love G-talk!

Some weird sadist chap at one of Mumbai’s well-known newspaper had a brainwave. Actually, a brainwash if the employees out there are to be believed. After blocking Orkut, Facebook and Youtube, they decided, let’s ban G-talk!

And the whole world came down crashing. The paranoia was worth a sight. Windows kept popping up. ‘Help!! They are blocking G TALK!!!!’ And all I could do was sympathise. They went ahead and blocked G-talk. However, the opposition was so strong, that the so called rule didn’t last longer than 24 hours! Hail the unity!!

Here’s how the whole process went like:

Before blocking G-talk:

me: huh?
how can they do that?
X: they are
duniya ujadh gayi humari toh!
X: we have a mail
i dunno when its gonna happenthough'
Respected All,

As per instruction

Management has decided to block g-chat since it is highly misused.

So ,kindly co-operate with us

With regards

me: o fuck!
X: im telling u
10 minutes

X: everybdys gone
only i have it:)
atleast around me
bye bye
me: have what?
X: dnt talk
im hidinh
they r coming fr a check
X: the office has gone mad
they hv offically disabled gchat
bt some pcs have escaped the onslaught
so the engineer guy is going around casually and the moment he catches someone on chat he goes like 'nikalna padega, order hai'
me: hahahahahha
listen...it's damn funny!
X: still thre are many who hv discreetly kept their chat ons
so the moment he comes ppl pretend to write a story
or make a phone interview
me: i dont believe this! G chat is your office's best kept secret!
X: so much trouble jus for the gchat
best kept secret
we just lost one gchatnd me to the engineer
gchat behind me
everybody belives when that this the last we are seeing of gchat in office

And after 24 hours!

X: Dear All,

We have been flooded with requests to restart G-Chat for purposes of

bringing out the newspaper. The management has reconsidered its

decision so that the flow of work its not hampered. We hope that this

facility will be be put to proper use.

With Regards
me: hahahahahhahaha
the editors must be missing G chat ...nuthing else
X: didnt last 24 hrs
2:09 PM tell me about it
what big green parrot

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