Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grammar police on the loose

A certain note inside the VT subway asks people not to spit. As usual, only three people have seen it till date.
One: the guy who put it up there.
Two: me!
Three: The one who was courteous enough to correct the spelling of 'spitting'.

So what if there’s nobody reading it. It still must have the correct spelling, right?

I appreciate!


Anonymous said...

what a hypocrite you are! when i commented saying how happy it makes me to see the correction, you made a face!
and now you steal my opinion too!

Annoyed Aarti

Vicks said...

1) I do not steal people's opinions
2) I have a right to my opinion. If it resembles yours, consider yourself lucky
3) Anything I do, you feel I am making a face. Nothing new. Yawn!

khushnaz said...

hey, i have started using VT just a few days ago, and I noticed the "spiting" sign too, and commented upon it..... this is what makes India interesting :-)