Monday, February 9, 2009

There's a lot in a name

When moving out of a night show at Regal, I caught a glimpse of this family, waiting intently and going through the credits that roll at the end. It’s a very rare sight actually to see someone care about the unsung heroes who made the movie what it was. Probably one of their family members was a part of it, maybe.

That long list of names that appear when everyone is making a beeline towards the door could actually mean the world to someone. I can actually imagine the lead actor’s spot boy bringing his wife and kids to watch the movie and wait till the very end till his name appears in one corner of the list. That split moment of fame would perhaps make up for the abysmal pay and the actor’s unreasonable tantrums. The glint in the kid’s eyes would mean so much. Hrithik, Salman and Aamir might have enchanted the audience but for that moment, he is the hero, at least for his family.

It is so important to give credit, to acknowledge people, doesn’t matter how insignificant their effort is in the bigger picture. It’s so important to give credit.

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