Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exceptions welcome

When traveling to work on a Sunday afternoon, a burkha-clad woman (extreme left) got into the first class compartment with two kids. Even when she was getting into the compartment, it was quite evident that she was confused; perhaps she wasn’t a regular traveler. Ten minutes later, a ticket checker (extreme right) asked her for the ticket. And as expected, she had a second class ticket. Her reason was that second-class compartment was too crowded and she couldn’t get in there with two kids by her side. It might be difficult to explain, but her reasons sounded genuine. The TT who fined another man in the same compartment for ticket-less traveling let the lady go.

And fellow travelers who overheard the conversation between the woman and TT actually supported him, and told him that he’s done the right thing.

Perhaps everything that’s meant to be rigid comes with its share of exceptions. Rules are important, but perhaps, it’s even more important is to stick to the spirit of that rule. Perhaps sometimes, there’s no right or wrong.

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Sal said...

Blindly following rules is never a good thing. There are always exceptions. Thankfully the ticket collector used his brains unlike most of the mindless automotons that we encounter everyday.