Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Complete a year today with Mumbai Mirror. Tried very hard to pin down whether it was a good journey or a bad one, but couldn’t figure out. But yes, it wasn’t a comfortable one, yet a progressive one. The day is kind of weird. Every small thing around keeps reminding me of the year that went by. It’s maddening to some extent. There haven’t been too many moments like these. I feel proud, but tired; happy, but dissatisfied; humbled, yet indifferent.

Nevertheless, it’s a milestone and there’s no denying to that. So here’s offering a toast to…
…the million fuck-ups that I went through
…the few awesome stories I did that touched my heart and perhaps, changed me forever
…the many crappy stories I did because I didn’t have a choice
…the dozens of smiles and thank-yous from ordinary people whose pictures I put on my page
…the humility I felt when interacting with some of my seniors at work (My Boss, Sabi sir, Rana Chakraborty, and yes, Meenal Baghel)
…the zillion silent heart attacks I suffered every time my name was screamed from the other end of the newsroom
…the patience my boss showed every time I didn’t perform as expected
…the patience I showed every time things didn’t go as expected
…a better understanding of people, this world and myself
…a stronger determination to fight…because round one is over, but round two has just begun


Anonymous said...

I love the bit about 'silent heart attacks'!!

Vicks said...

y? cause you associate with it? :P