Monday, February 16, 2009

Snapshots from Kalaghoda

Honestly, the Kalaghoda Festival wasn't any good this year. But still, it was a good place to click pictures. Here are some:

As a friend says: Guys selling balloons and other kiddie stuff ALWAYS make for a good picture irrespective of how many times they are shot. Here's when wind caught one of them by surprise.

When there's so much colour around, you got to pose, right?

A cliche picture, but couldn't help taking it. One of my must-do things before I die is to go to Pakistan, especially the Sindh region where my grandparents came from. Who knows, their home might still be there, standing intact.

Perhaps Mumbai's most famous graffiti.

After all, it was a mela.

Uncle: Stop looking at the girl. She's mine...(daughter that is).

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Sal said...

Hey go check out the pics I took at K ghoda on facebook