Thursday, December 18, 2008


Mirror can be a very funny place to work. Really!
Following is the conversation overheard between two topnotch seniors of Mumbai Mirror, X and Y:

I was standing outside X’s cabin. Had some doubts regarding a story, so wanted to clear them off. X is over the phone. So I wait. Y comes running.

Y: Yes, you were calling.
X: Oh god!
Y: What happened?
X: If I am calling you on your phone, in spite of you being in office, it’s for a reason.
Y: Huh?
X: I don’t want anyone to see me talking to you. Understand.
Y: Ohh ohh ohh!!! I thought you called my mistake!
X: By mistake? Twice?
Y: Sorry sorry.

Y walks away. Two minutes later, I see X and Y. X in the cabin and Y walking around office. Both of them whispering over the phone and grinning away to glory.
As I said, Mirror can be a funny place to work.

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