Monday, December 15, 2008

A different view

As a child, I remember standing at my window,
Having conversations with a banyan tree,
Outside my window, the tree stood, ever since I remember.

I used to drag a small stool, and climb over it,
Only to be able to see the tree better, and stand there for hours together,
The tree knew secrets that no one else did,
It knew when I cried, when I smiled,
It knew if I wanted to say something, always!

I grew up, looking at that tree,
Playing hide-n-seek around it, always hiding behind it,
Watching it go green every monsoon.
Watching people stop by and touch the trunk,
Their eyes shut with devotion.

No matter what time of the day I peeped out,
The tree was always there,
Calm, composed, ready to listen to a child wanting to pour his heart out.
Maybe that's why I took it for granted.

I grew up, but I still have lots to say,
Loads of secrets to share,
I still have a heart that cries for attention,
But, when I look out, I see this….

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