Sunday, June 3, 2012

Swing it, uncle!

I have always wondered what people who live in a country as small as Singapore do for entertainment. I mean, the touristy things are ruled out by default. There’s only so much food you can have. And travelling in either direction for more than half an hour would qualify as international travel!

So I found my answer at Hougang mall. A group of uncles and aunties had cordoned off the atrium, put on some music and were swinging to the beats all evening! The aunties were dressed up and the uncles were going all out to fit in with the ladies’ moves.

And the best part was the thumkas that each one was putting in to jazz it up. I tell you, had they been dancing in a circle, it would have looked like garba from far far away.

Such fun it was.   


-c.owen said...

this really amused me, thanks for posting:)

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Hotwani said...

My pleasure :)