Thursday, May 10, 2012

Up in the air

I have no clue what is it about skyscrapers that fascinates me so much. There are various things, I guess.

To begin with, it makes me proud of sharing my planet with people who can build such marvelous things. I haven’t lived in the time of pyramids, but I have definitely lived in the time of Burj Khalifa, Petronas and Taipei 101. Not bad, eh?

They tell me what a long way I have to go, and that there’s room for so much more. I am still at the ground floor.

It makes me think how peaceful (lonely perhaps?) it would be up there. I may love the madness down here, but at the end, when I retire for the night, I would want to be somewhere up there.

It makes me think of the view from up there. A privileged view for a privileged few. If I ever happen to own a home up there, I would get up every morning, and take a picture from my window. A decade down the line, I could make a stop motion picture of the city’s changing skyline. Now wouldn’t that be something? 


nothingintellectual said...

I love skyscrapers! Yeah, its my dream to live in one too. The view would be so spectacular :)

Hotwani said...

You can stay in the floor below mine :P