Saturday, September 4, 2010

See me at the Khotes!

Everybody knows Girgaum Chowpatty, right?
And if you do, you would also know the food stalls there.
In that case, you would also know that there’s a footpath next to the beach (which is always so crowded that you can hardly walk on it)

But did you know that the small footpath actually has a proper NAME?
And that the footpath is called KHOTE footpath?
I didn’t know!

So next time, when I meet my friends at Chowpatty, that’s gonna be my landmark.
Where are you? Arre yaar, KHOTE footpath! Where else!?

PS: Imagine that Khote fellow calling up someone and speaking in Marathi. What would he say? “Hello, me khote boltoy” :p


Aarti said...

Loving the new header!

M2A said...

Your blog is going to randomeshwar

Vicks said...

@RT: Thank you :)

@Kabali: Do you mean 'too' randomeshwar?

M2A said...

Yes sir I did