Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 22: V - The People

How to pose for a picture in Taiwan.

Step 1: (if girl) Prep your hair. (if boy) Wait for the girl.
Step 2: Show the V sign.
Step 3: Smile.
Step 4: (if girl) Abruptly excuse yourself and prep your hair. (if boy) Wait.
Step 5: Show the V sign.
Step 6: Smile.
Step 7: Did I mention the V sign?


Rikh said...

SO many Girls every where ...

Nasreen Modak said...

Err...actually it is a Chinese habit...still to source its origin...:) Come back with a nice story on this please...:)

Supriya said...

The kid is SO cute!!!!

Vicks said...

@Rikh: I know.... I KNOW!! Sigh!

@Modak: How would I know? Haven't travelled as much as some other people naa. :P

@Bawi: YES!! And while posing, she kept saying, "YEAAAAAA!!!!!!" :D
And I kept replying, "YEAAAAAA!!!"

mumbai2atlanta said...

peace out bro!

Sophia said...

some children was told that saying "Yeaaaaaa~" for a pic.,and we'll have a smile on our face.
just like my childhood.I also do it now XDDD
the V sigh means "Victory" as we know that might come from Churchill.
don't know why it became a norm here :P

Chets said...

They look too cute while doing the peace sign!

Savage_beauty said...

ur kidding me V sign? hmmm interesting :) but why? i am really intrigued ;)

Vicks said...

@ Chets: Yup. Hell cute! :)