Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 4: Indian Tea, huh?

Now this where I start missing Patil. Who is Patil? Well, he is the canteen man who comes and delivers chai on my desk every evening. Why am I missing HIM of all people? Cause in the night market in Tainan (a city in Southern Taiwan), I saw THIS...

Yup. It's nothing, but our very humble, ordinary, INDIAN chai being sold for EIGHTY FUCKING NTD!!!!! That's Rs 120 FYKI.

Yea. I know. It's Taiwan. Things are expensive. La la la la la. Plus, authencity counts. More la la la la la la. Remember exotic India. LA LA LA LA.

ABBE satak gayi hai kya? 120 bucks for chai!?? Alibaug se aayela samjha hai? Taiwan ka rate hai ki Taj ka?
Thought for the day: When in Taiwan, have Taiwanese chai WONLY. Pls!

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mumbai2atlanta said...

lol think of the same thing each time I stop at starbucks (1.5$ for chai tea ( redundant isnt it??) and 3.5 for a chai latte ( i personally like this option in america :)