Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 14: Hindi all the way

Thanks to my over-obsession with Hindi, the Taiwanese here have been getting their fair share of Hindi. C'mon. Why should only I listen to non-stop Chinese every day? Most of the times, the Hindi is purely unintentional. But it makes for such a funny sight when it comes up.
For instance...
Flatmate: Vikas
Me: Haa bol
Flatmate: (says whatever he wants)
Now the deal is that my flatmates know shit about Hindi, but they respond to Haa bol in exactly the way they should! I even ask them how on earth they knew what I was saying. And they really don't know! Is it the tone? The body language? The facial expression. I don't know. But something gets communicated despite the language barrier!! So fascinating!

PS: Other Hindi terms that spill out often:
Kya baat hai!
Kuch Bhi!
Arre Yaar!

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