Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pati, Patni aur TC

February 18, Times of India Newspaper, page two.
Report: Ticket Checker held for molestation

Simple story: Woman didn’t have ticket, so TC took her in a khopcha, played neech and paapi, and the woman cried FOUL! However, what’s most interesting is the woman’s husband (who was initially with her)!! Read this:

“…The TC found that the couple had only one ticket among them—the woman had apparently booked one pass by mistake—and slapped a fine on them. Furious that the woman had been careless and did not buy tickets for both of them, THE HUSBAND STORMED OFF, LEAVING HER ALONE TO PAY THE FINE.”

Like what the FUCK!?
He just like LEFT her? Like, jaa, main baat nahi karta types!?
Is the report false? Reporters are humans for God’s sake.
Was the woman lying? What if he just went to the ATM to get money? He couldn’t have just LEFT her, could he?
Suppose he did, has she filed for divorce? (will be an interesting follow-up). Headlines: Woman files for divorce after man abandons her with the TC :p

I STILL don’t believe it! Like REALLY!?

Quirky part II

“… When everyone else in the room left, Gade walked up to her and touched her cheek. He also asked her if she would be friends with him,’’ senior inspector Ashok Survegandh said.”

Touched her cheek!? Is that molestation!? Isn’t that more like making a pass or something? Imagine the woman sitting in the police station and going like… is kamine ne mera gaal chuaa.

But seriously, all jokes apart, the husband just LEFT her with the TC!????


Kalpesh said...

he Interesting read :)

Vicks said...

Thanks Kalpesh

steven said...

Sometimes anger gets the better of ppl...this isn't the first time I've head of something like this.