Saturday, May 16, 2009


No matter how strong your infatuation is, no matter what Devdas mode you are in, NEVER scribble on walls. NEVER! During teens, the entire concept and perception of lurrvveeee is so weird that leaving any signs of it can cause deep embarrassment later on.

Went to college some days back. Every nook and corner of that place holds memories, but there’s one corner that was especially dear to me, where I would sit all day, just sit, contemplating, day-dreaming. It was MY corner! And during one of those Devdas days, I scribbled this name in that corner. A friend came looking for me, saw what I have done, and tried to erase it. And Zap! I stopped her hand (which explains the smudge), anger in my eyes. SUCH A FILMY MOMENT!

Today, when I look back, I laugh. Trust me. To a certain extent, I can’t even believe it was me. Voodoo effect? Why not!

And no. I don't go about doing such embarrasing things any more.

PS: No, I am not in touch with Kanika. And no, I don’t intend tracing her. Thank you.


Kareena said...



I swear...what fury you had in those otherwise glazed eyes when we sunaaoed you for this! does funny things to us...You'd know right?

Vicks said... wasnt love...just hormones...relax :P

Anonymous said...

Kanika who????!!!!!!!!

Vicks said...

Waah. Anonymous person asking Kanika who???

Ps: Old crush

Kareena said...

yeah totally..THAT time it was hormones...

(grins cheekily)