Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hop on fellows!

Pardon me, but my local train adventures don’t seem to end. Can you imagine how miserably drab my life would be had it not been for the Churchgate fast?

A fast train stopped right in between Goregoan and Jogeshwari. It was announced that an outstation train’s engine has broken down and that the train won’t budge until further notice. People couldn’t even jump out and walk to the nearest station considering we were bang in the middle of the longgggg Goregoan – Jogeshwari stretch.

A train going towards yard from the adjacent track saw how all of us were stuck. And everyone was hell dumbstruck when the other driver strategically stopped his train right next to ours (in spite of having the go-ahead signal!)! The message was clear! Hop on fellows! And the ENTIRE FREAKING population started JUMPING into the adjacent train! And yes, so did I.

The train chugged away after a halt of five minutes, taking with it whoever could hop in, dropped them at Goregoan from where they could take a slow local to wherever they wanted. Honestly, it was a bit risky. No. Wait. VERY risky!

But man, it was SO MUCH FUN!

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