Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is why I LOVE Hindi

While having this intense conversation with an office colleague (when random talk leads to even more random ranting), we stumbled upon an interesting observation. Have you ever noticed how our very own desi Hindi is riddled with phrases to convey ‘immoral physical intimacy’, or rather ‘forbidden sex’?
Say for example, my colleague K suddenly disappears from office. When she is back, here's how people pull her leg.
….kahin mooh kala kar rahi thi.
chonch (beak) lada rahi thi.
gul challe udaa rahi thi.
rang reliyaan mana rahi thi.
gutar goo kar rahi thi.
hawas mita rahi thi.

‘Yuck Vikas! You are disgusting! Quit Mirror and go join Prahar!’ says my colleague.
But I am sure that there are many more. Really! You know some? Please let me know.

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