Thursday, March 5, 2009

POP-ing IT!!!!!

This is a turning point in history. This is our Independence Day. All these years, we, Mirror employees were majboor. How? We didn't have a microwave! All the time, women from Mirror had to walk long distances to the Femina and Filmfare office in case they needed to heat something, while the men did nothing but gobble down the frozen food. The journey used to be gruelling, intense and more than anything, it used to shatter their self-confidence. "Oh! You'll don't even have a microwave? Sigh" is what the Femina chicks used to say, sources have claimed. So, well, one fine day, we couldn't take the dependency any more. We decided to break away. Every Mirror employee stood up for his self-esteem, shelled out khoon pasine ka kamaya hua Rs 100 and purchased a MICROWAVE! *drum rolls*

So here's M testing the wonder gadget and yours truly covering her LIVE in action.

Ladies and gentlemen. Here we are with a packet of Act 2 popcorn and of course, our beloved naya navela microwave, all set to show how well he can make stuff *ahem* pop!

Someone told us it takes not more than two minutes, but even those two minutes seem soooooooo lonngggggggg!

It's almost a minute past, and not a single corn has popped! What?!?!!! How? We want our money back. But wait, let's just wait a little more...just in case

One minute and twelve seconds. POP!!!!! Yes, congratulations fellow Mirror sufferers, sorry, workers. The first corn has popped! Things seem a lot more promising now! Jai Radhe maa!

Two minutes are over and NOW, it's time to see the results. Have they popped as expected? Will we finally be able to enjoy the 100 rupee contribution we made with such a heavy heart? Will we finally be independent and not use other office's microwave. Is THS the moment of freedom? IS IT?????????

And the mission is achieved. We, Mirror employees, finally have our microwave that pops corns, that actually taste decent. Look at the JOY on everyone's face, the rarely seen READINESS when it comes to sharing food, the sense of ACHIEVEMENT!!! Long live our microwave. Next on the list, is a refrigerator. Summer's here, remember?


Sal said...

Hahaha, this one was hilarious Vikas. Loved the way you captured her expressions during all the 'popping'. Can't wait till you get the fridge.

Vicks said...

Thanks Sal! BTW, after the microwave has come, the entire area is ALWAYS smelling of popcorn and it's NOT fun. I actually feel as if I am sitting near the railway station's popcorn wala. In fact, becasue I inhale so much popcorn smell all day, I have stopped having them whenever I go for a movie. :P