Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ICE-ing on the top

Generally, I have seen a lot of fu-fu giri in life, but I guess I haven’t seen it all. A local kirana shop in quaint Bandra galis actually sells ice cubes! I didn’t know ice cubes can be sold! I didn’t know there are people who buy ice cubes! Last thing I heard was liquor shops selling ice cubes with, well, liquor. But this?

And then there are some grave issues to be addressed:
1. How do you prevent the ice cubes from melting till the time you reach home?
2. Do they home deliver ice cubes?
3. What kind of people can afford to BUY ice, but not afford a fridge?
4. What would they charge for, well, frozen water?
5. Do they have different qualities of ice cubes (mineral water ice cube, sada water ice cube)? After all, it’s serious business you see.

I will ask these questions the next time I happen to go there. Last time, I was too cold with surprise. Grrrrr.


Anonymous said...

soda ice cubes sounds great... I'm gonna try and make them at home!!


Vicks said...

uhhh....i meant SADA (plain, simple) ice cube; not SODA! But nonetheless, it's a good idea. :P

Aarti said...

umm... all you smartie pants, when you pour soda in an ice tray and leave it to freeze, it'll lose all its fizz and all you'll get is a sada ice cube :P

Vicks said...

Amazing! How my smartness just rubs off to others :P

Anonymous said...

It still has the SODA flavour... hah!