Friday, July 9, 2010

It's India! No, Taiwan. No, India

Photo: AFP/ Patrick Lin

This is the Taiwan Parliament – two opposing parties fighting over a trade bill that makes some crucial amendments in Taiwan-China interactions. Even before I visited Taiwan (that was around April), I instinctively KNEW we had a lot in common. Seriously!

Indian-Taiwanese, bhai bhai! :)

PS: I tried looking for Indian Parliament fight pictures, but couldn’t find. But rest assured, they are exactly the same. Maybe the guys have a couple of chappals in hand. That’s about it.


Kent said...

How did you know this news?
Did you know what they were fighting for?
It is definitely not a good branding of Taiwan!

Vicks said...

Hey Kent, the pics are all over. And I guess they were fighting regarding a trade bill. And relax, there are a lot of countries (India included) where the leaders make a fool of themselves in the Parliament. I am not saying it's right, but it happens.

In fact, the very reason I uploaded this picture was because of the semblance it has with a similar incident that took place in the Indian parliament. So chill.

Mumbai2Atlanta said...

Anonymous said...

Vicks said...

@Kabali: I never thought I will find something interesting at DesiMasala. Thanks. :P

@Kent: See. We aren't alone!

Kent said...

Yep, we are not alone:D

It is kinda ridiculous that we regard our society as democracy :(

Kent said...

democracy means "goddamit-crazy" :P