Thursday, June 10, 2010

A LOTcan happen over a cup of coffee

Last Sunday, I was at the Colaba Barista. From where I was sitting, I could see an urchin wanting to come in. Quite typical actually. She would push the door, jut her head in, see if someone’s looking, take a step, then change her mind and run away.

In some corner of my mind, I was hoping she doesn’t come in. The staff wouldn’t be very welcoming and a five-year-old being rudely shooed away isn’t the best thing after all.

However, the very next second, she took the plunge and there she was, standing in the ‘forbidden’ territory. I shut my eyes, well expecting a backlash. BUT, nothing happened.

Instead, the girl calmly walked further in, went straight up to the counter, STOOD UP on the bar (so that the guy at the counter could see her), and THEN, pulled out an empty water bottle! And the guy took her bottle, handed it over to his colleague and HAD IT FILLED!! The next minute, I saw the girl walking out with a bottle of cold water.

I wish I could have an action replay of that scene and see it over and over again, especially when the world looks like a fuck-all place to live. Suddenly, that sweltering summer had a comforting warmth to it.


PS: Apologies for the bad picture. But still :)


Zain said...

That is really nice to hear! No worries on the pic, it is still nice to hear something like this take place.

Monica said...

Aww! :) It feels so comforting when such things happen. :)

Vicks said...

Totally! :D

sonali said...

Wow!Which outlet was this? And don't say Barista pl, I want to know the area!