Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 20: STAMP on it

Three weeks in Taiwan are over. Like GONE! FINISH! SAMAAPT! And only two days back, I discovered this...

What are they? They are stamps! The deal is that when you take the train, at the end of the journey, you normally leave the ticket at the exit. If you wish to keep it, the railways guy puts a stamp on it. Apparently, it's proof that you completed your journey, and that you cannot use that ticket again. Some people opt for the stamp cause they wish to keep a memory of their train travel. Why did I not know about this? Cause I have a PASS naa baba.

Now the problem is, that I have the PASS, but I still want the stamp!! So, the last page of my beloved book is now dedicated to thappas of stations that I visit! That, is my internal Taiwan VISA stamp. I have already lost out on a lot of stations. Kaoshiung, Dajia, Tainan, Dongshih, to name a few :(
But well.

So next time you visit Taiwan, AND you wish to show off kahan kahan you went, collect the stamps. And make sure you do it from DAY ONE!


Sophia said...

It's a pity that u don't know this before Sun.
I should travel with u when the first u come here, ha!

BTW, the red one means "cancel" in Chinese

Sophia said...

sorry i mean the one below red XD

Vicks said...

Ahh. You think I understand what's written in the rest!? :P

Point is.. I got the stamp at THAT particular station. :)

Amropali said...


Sophia said...

yes u r right :p
coz the rest just as what u know about-names of stops
while the "cancel" stamp is quite cute here
so I point it out XD

asha karandikar said...

Your memoirs of Taiwan trip is cute and subtly described.

The stamp thingy is really cool. Wonder how it would be if this system was in our railways in Mumbai.... with the crowd & chaos onboard and stations!!
I'm sure in your month-long journey to Taiwan you found time to learn a bit of chinese?

Vicks said...

Thanks Asha. Yes, I did learn a little Chinese. Only two words thou. Ni Hao (Hello) and Xie Xie (thank you). Didnt really need anything else. :P