Friday, March 5, 2010

But is it worth it?

Everything in life comes with a price tag. The tag tells us whether that ‘thing’ is affordable or not. It’s simple logic, really. However, problem begins when that ‘thing’ is kinda out of reach. So then, you empty your wallet, check your pockets, rummage for some chutta, put it all together and see if it adds up. But then, even if it does add up, you aren’t sure if it’s ‘worth it’. So then what do you do?

That’s precisely why we need a ‘value tag’. A separate tag which will tell us exactly how much worth of happiness, comfort and enrichment will that ‘thing’ bring. Say, the price tag reads Rs 100, and the value tag reads Rs 8000, would you still think a hajaar times before making a decision? Even if you have exactly 101 rupees in your wallet, you wouldn’t mind spending because you know it’s not a bad deal! On the other hand, if the value tag reads Rs 20, you wouldn’t buy it, no matter how big a millionaire you are.

The problem with most purchases is that we don’t know their ‘value’. We know their ‘price’, but not their ‘value’. Which is why, we need value tags. At least I do.

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