Friday, May 1, 2009

Was the anger a sham?

Dear Mumbaikar (who didn’t bother to vote),
I have only one question for you. Why on earth do you have to be such a chutia? Like WHY!?? I really fail to understand what on earth is needed to make you a tad responsible and get your ass moving? Fuck loads of newsprint was wasted to tell you why you must vote, but no, it doesn’t make a difference. Do you even know how costly the fucking newsprint is?

For heavens sake, the terrorists came home, properly bambooed your ass, and you still didn’t feel a thing? Have got used to getting your ass bambooed I believe? Aren’t you the same one who gives shit loads of ball talk on national pride every time the MPs create a scene in the parliament? But still, you don’t vote. First, you screw the national pride and then act holier than thou?

So what was the reason why you didn’t vote?

1) All the candidates are worthless
There were ample new candidates standing for elections this time. For example, the Professionals Party of India. Did you give them a chance? Did you give anyone a chance?

2) It was a long weekend
Awesome. Let the country get bombed, let people die, but your fucking weekend in Goa is far more important, right?

3) I wasn’t registered
Didn’t you have enough time to get yourself registered?

I actually believed that THIS election will be different. THIS election, the voter turnout will end (or at least reduce) the vote-bank politics. You think the ministers are chutias to address your issues and try to appease you if you don’t even vote? You think the parties who advocate ‘son of the soil’ philosophy will not rethink their stance if every community makes it a point to vote?

Wear your diapers, sit at home, and please, don’t bother crying foul the next time your family member doesn’t reach home alive. Maybe you can use that as an excuse and take an extended weekend off, right?

Bottom line: I am disappointed, and to an extent, I am ashamed to even call you a fellow Mumbaikar.

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