Friday, April 17, 2009


A friend went to interview Sonam Kapoor. Apparently, she is endorsing L’Oreal and was giving interviews on the same lines. The friend was ‘threatened’ not to ask anything apart from beauty-related questions (YAWN!!). All’s fine till there. I mean. C’mon, when you got to interview, you got to interview. It might be boring as hell, but well, you get paid for it.

But the funny (read: irritating) part here was how Sonam was trying sooo freaking hard to promote the brand! For all you know, she would have sold a L’Oreal packet to my friend as well! For example:

Question: Why L’Oreal.
Answer: L’Oreal doesn’t tell you that use xyz so as to be pretty. They say that YOU ARE WORTH IT, and hence you deserve this.

Question: Association with L’Oreal.
Answer: It’s been completely WORTH IT!

Question: Beauty secret you will pass on to your daughter?
Answer: Be confident. Beauty is not superficial. Cause every woman is WORTH IT!

No points for guessing what the L’Oreal tagline is.
PS: By the way, going by what the friend said, Sonam was pretty sweet, but the interview? Sigh! it was so NOT WORTH IT!


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