Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AFFAIR to remember

For dinner, we happened to drop by at this restaurant called ‘Open Affair’ at Carters (near CCD). Now, it might sound funny, but from the very beginning, I was quite reluctant to dine out there. Why? Because the name put me off completely. OPEN AFFAIR! Who names a restaurant OPEN AFFAIR?

“But what’s the big deal?” my friends argued. But, I couldn’t explain. I JUST didn’t like it. I felt the very THOUGHT behind it was very wannabe. “What rubbish,” they defended it further.

But, it didn’t end there. The restaurant, further playing up on the AFFAIR bit had actually divided the menu into two – Indian AFFAIRS (desi menu) and Foreign AFFAIRS (your usual Italian and Mexican khana). NOW tell me. Don’t you think it is wannabe? Huh huh?

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