Friday, March 20, 2009

Key to cleanliness

Everyone, at least once in a lifetime, must initiate a movement, just about any movement. The feeling of having prompted others into some action is priceless. One afternoon, I just happened to bang my keyboard upside down to clean the food crumbs stuck inside. (Yes, we eat a lot in office).
*Bang Bang Bang*
And everyone looked. They saw me, they saw the keyboard, and they saw the dirt. And voila! Mirror got into a mass keyboard-cleanliness drive. Now you know who to credit for swanky and clean keyboards in the Mirror office! :)

The first follower: Joyeeta. She actually dug out one of those cheap-looking cleaning brushes from God knows where.

Follower no. 2: Ashlesha, the cribber. Why did you have to start something like this at the first place? She kept cribbing and kept cleaning.

Follower no. 3: Malay Desai. Does everything for TP, including this.

Follower no. 4: She woke up pretty late with a 'Give naa, I will also do', but that's okay. .

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