Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Santosh Sagar at the Napeansea Road serves the best Pav Bhaji, not only in India but the whole world!
--Gaurav Jain, a foodie (with an orgasmic look on his face)

Now, what would you think had you been at my place? Wouldn’t you want to have it and figure out what the big deal is all about?
Hence, the search began. Me and yet another journo (read foodie) walking down Napeansea Road literally scanning each and every nook and corner to spot a petite Santosh Sagar. Before reaching there, I actually called up Santosh Sagar and asked for landmarks, the reply to which was ‘KYAAAA?????????????’

Well, maybe the guy wasn’t used to such desperate enquiries.

Bottom line, we spotted the place, didn’t even care to glance through the menu and ordered PAV BHAJI. It was okay. I mean, it was good, really good. But out of personal choice, I still prefer Sardar. Have you seen the AMOUNT of butter they put???????

But, the best thing about that place was the paanwala. It’s a little unbelievable how CLOSE he sat to our table. There was barely a half-a-foot wide wannabe wall separating our table and his stall. After we got done with dinner, I just had to turn my face and say, ‘DO MITHA PAAN!’ Really! And he just stretched his hand out to give the paan.

Speaking of the right positioning!

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