Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What an ap-PRAISE-al

You know why there's no other profession like journalism?? This is why!!

6:12 PM pdfoundation: hey vikas

this is shivani
8 minutes
6:20 PM me: hi shivani
back in mumbai?
pdfoundation: yup
ur article has really done wonders
me: okk
6:21 PM inquiries i guess?

pdfoundation: a lot of people called to enquire after reading it
ya rite
me: hmmm....i m glad it helpes
pdfoundation: n the photograph of Minat if u remember
me: hahahahaa...o hell YES
pdfoundation: god she was flooded with calls from her friends
6:22 PM me: i cudnt stop smiling when the page was being made....
i was liike....that girl will be so happy
pdfoundation: n the funny part was the boriwali n khandivali part
pdfoundation: all her friends were pulling her leg
6:23 PM she was so embarrased when she came to know that u too r from borivali
me: i knww....i saw the reaction on her face
and that's why i HAD to write it
pdfoundation: ha ha ha..........that was really funny
gr8 job
so u keep writing these kind of articles kya
me: anyways...i hope the kids are ahppy
6:24 PM happy*

pdfoundation: they r tooooooooooo happy
me: gud gud
yea...i write every sunday
pdfoundation: my kiddos school principal was also very happy
me: gr8 gr8
pdfoundation: seeing her school parent in print
all thx to u yaar
6:25 PM me: no no...its nothing....it's my job...
pdfoundation: i actually feel like asking u as to when ur coming next
me: it's nice meeting nice ppl
pdfoundation: true
i agree
u were more like a pal then a reporter
we fely
6:26 PM t felt very comfortable with u
me: yea...cause they were kids yaar...u cudnt sit thrr and take an interview...
or they wudnt have said what they said
pdfoundation: so true n u made them really feel at ease
u were like a buddy
hats of to u
6:27 PM i had one reporter who came n was the very serious kids

me: oh no..u r actually chadoing me on chane ka jhaad
pdfoundation: god my kids were scared to talk yaar
whereas u were just tooo chilled out
6:28 PM how come u didnt use the oberoi pics??
me: well...it didnt fit in to he whole piece
pdfoundation: k
me: the article came out more opinion based
6:29 PM pdfoundation: k
me: than information based
thats y

actually i had a whole page to myself for the story
but then last minute...the ads came on the page
and hence iot was plit like it was
pdfoundation: so when r we meeting next
me: i will drop by next time i m around
6:30 PM pdfoundation: its really good to be in touch with people like u who is so friendly
to be quite frank reporters r very scary
but u werent like that at all
reporters are scary??
6:31 PM pdfoundation: n hey im not chadhaving u on chane ka jaad
u r actually good..........accept it
6:32 PM many people dont but u shd with a big smile :)
me: :)
pdfoundation: ur welcome
chalo bye will catch up later
6:33 PM will call u sometime during the week
take care
me: sure

(Now I dont know whether she really meant what she said or if it was just sheer TP...but i would like to believe that she really meant it.... :-) )

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Aarti said...

what a HUGE fan u hv got urself!