Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What a COMBO man!

Narang: HOTWANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, 4 to 5 thousand….are you insane???????????
Hotwani: Are main kya karu? He goes there every weekend aur usne bola itna bill aayega!
Narang: Hotwani, I am not paying that much.
Hotwani: Oh Ok Ok, I understand. ABEEE YEDI, you think I will pay that much???
Narang: Kya pata, soemone’s earning **k per month
Hotwaini: Oh Shut up! Neways, to kya karein?
Narang: Meet, then we will see. But I am NOT paying that much!

Yes yes, now all of us are earning bachchas and that there’s thoda bahut paisa coming into everyone’s account and now we, (as the smart ass marketing people put it) are the most vulnerable lot with the so called DISPOSABLE *drum rolls* income.

And then what do we do when we have the money? Simple! Head to all those happening ‘night spots’ that till date were out of our reach. In college days, if someone even had to think about going to any of these places, the occasion really had to be BIG, and I mean REAL BIG! And of course, then it required more than a week of cajoling and buttering with parents (mainly for the money and thoda bahut for permission factor). But voila! Now we have the Vitamin M baby. And who ever cared about permission anyways!

But wait, now there’s another problem. Or actually, it’s the original problem itself that hasn’t been completely solved. The thing is that we HAVE the money but we don’t have THAT much money. Samjha kya? As in, we can walk into the high-end restaurant (we are the new regulars you see) in the whole fu-fu (basically snobby) style but can’t order anything more than the starters. Sshhhh. They don’t know that. So keep it low.

So, what do we do? Simple! Work in a combo style that suits your budget. Like what I did with an equally crazy pal of mine. But what’s the combo style, you ask? Well, it works in three steps. They are as follows:

No. 1 ACCEPT that pockets aren’t that deep.
No. 2 Salute the khoon paseena se kamaya hua paisa and head towards the nearest Udipi restaurant next door for a sasta sunder tikau dinner. You can also munch on the free onions and aachar they give you
No. 3 Head to that happening night spot and spend time munching on startes and a couple of cocktails.

Did I just hear someone scream HOW CHEAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? ???

Abbe free mein thodi khaya kuch bhi…!!!! Apne baap ko bol na hamara dinner sponsor karne ko!

Haan Haan Judge Sahab. Maine yeh cheap crime kiya! Us raat khar station ke bahar VRINDAVAN hotel mein veg jaipuri khane wala insaan aur ZENZI mein vodka peene wala insaan Ek hi hai. Aur wo MAIN hu main!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Well, so what are we waiting for gang? Lets head to ZENZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII……(khana khake aana pls!*